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Everything that needs to be said has already been said.

Yet another hot nude pose of tollywood and bollywood actress Genelia D'Souza. Jodie foster tits. Cold weather is where it will make it's magic nostalgia. Tabu fake nude pics. I had removed the bottle from the box to test it and immediately LOVED it because it's not like the fruity floral stuff most women my age are wearing mid 20's but I still wasn't sure so I tried to place it back on the shelf, but the bottle fell out of the bottom of the box, clattering on the tile floor unscathed as if to say, "No, you WILL take me home tonight!

Not that the scent is completely similar, but "Tabu" has such authenticity and will cost you a fraction of the asking price for the old powerhouse perfumes of the eighties.

Even if it is not as good as the vintage, the concept of the scent is retro for COLD weather. The first day I wasn't sure, but then My mother took the bottle away and told me I could have it back when I went to college. I wouldn't say it's the absolute greatest perfume I have ever smelled, but it's a gem. It's floral but citrusy and quite boozy, rich, concentrated. Not near the sillage monster that I expected. After all, she is supposed to be a Night creature. And I love it.

I know, not easy to wear, some people don't like this kind of fragrance. White girl ass fuck. I always thought of this as a classy fragrance and still do.

I feel Tabu is more oriental than floral, and it works beautifully with my skin chemistry: Sillage bomb but NOT in any way headachey. It lasts all day easily, and projects beautifully for a good 6 or so feet, and I have already received quite a few 'mmmm This time genelia nude posing topless showing her cute breasts and awesome nipples.

I can get my hands on it. There's a final stage of pure musk courtesy of a civet cat which in it's time was authentic and not the artificial musk that is used in today's PETA protected world. I was in the supermarket the other day and somebody was wearing this, all I can say is that Tabu took over the place the whole building smell tabu there were no escape, this is a beast of a perfume.

Lady Monster a copy of Fame by Lady Gaga: This is something you would pay out the nose for now if made recently, but it was and is drugstore! The nose Jean Carles was commissioned to formulate a fragrance "for a whore" "parfum de putain". Having read the idea behind this fragrance, I now understand why it really didn't suit me. Brings back wonderful memories. I still get the same feeling after all these years.

Finally I want to talk about my personal experience with this fragrance.

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It lasted on my scarf for a few days. It was very much a part of my teen years. Cute girls fucking photos. Anonymous April 13, at 8: I think those black bottles helped keep things from spoiling.

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That civet is real in the original form, but the reformulation with the chemical recreation called muscatone or civetone, only hint at what that original must have smelled like. The scent is aggressive and pretty powerful so don't overdo it. Tabu fake nude pics. The scent wasnt strong and back of box said Made in India??? If to many thumb down the review disappear from the page, so please be considerate when using the button as its a power we don't want to use unless we truly have too.

Dark, spicy oriental with a splash of amber, woodsy notes, civet and Cloves. I went online and bought a 90ml violin of EdC. Anupama Neela June 13, at I'm in love with this oriental beauty. My dearly beloved, I've been waiting impatiently all spring and summer for these cool autumn nights that I can finally have your devilishly delicious aura surrounding me once again. Yes, wearing this perfume just continues to make me smile and have wonderful memories of the good times I've experienced.

Munni Tithi June 18, at 3: Just scored a vintage squared bottle of this stuff on eBay for a great price and I'm so excited! True to all the other reviews, this drugstore cheapie is perfume real perfume worth a million or more in it's composition. Older lesbian women videos. Shocking by Schiapparelli and My Sin by Lanvin come to mind. I had never smelled anything quite so mysterious, deep and compelling.

This could absolutely be unisex. A very strong, very oriental fragrance. I'm one of the unfortunate people who develops a strong scent of cola Chupa Chups lollipops in the middle notes. I was in my late teens when i bought my bottles and i was too shy and didn't wear it outside, only late at night in my room, just for relaxing and enjoing the beautiful scent.

And I only have the most recent edc and edt!!! I avoided this for the longest time, thinking this would be heavy and overpowering. Most noticeable is cinnamon and cloves.

I cannot believe this was created in In my opinion the modern version is totally unisex. Sexy milf upskirt. I didn't detect any flowers such as rose, ylang ylang, narcissus or jasmine. There was a man in his 50's standing by, probably watching shaking my head saying "too sweet".

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It smells exotic, but is very nice to just hang out in, kick around. Ebony lesbian xxx. But as I said, I want to love her, so last night I put her on again. Thus I think in today's context this is meant to be worn as a club dancing perfume if you want to smell very exotic and very different from the rest. But to me Tabu speaks a different language,different than what i mostly see in many other review and articles. The reviewers who have made this observation are spot-on.

I took a sniff at the top of it before spraying it and thought it smelled delightful. Chavon taylor tits I'm lousy at describing or finding notes, it's incense but not the eye tearing too heavy kind of incense. Not only did the overpowering smell give me a headache, but there seems to be a note -that I can't quite put my finger on- which crept onto me every now and then. I didn't know what perfume evolution was back then, and I know now I should've waited for the top notes to dissipate.

Tabu is very sweet cola on me. Tabu fake nude pics. Angelina Brown 8 July at I just can't help myself.

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